What is functional training?
Functional training is a variety of exercise routines that are designed to make your body better at performing particular movements.

Will functional training benefit me?
Absolutely, functional training can be used on all levels from gentle, beginner routines up to professional athletic sports routines.

One way functional training can be used, is for rehabilitation purposes. For people who may have suffered injury or complications, functional training will help to improve very basic bodily movements, getting you back on track physically.

On the other end of the spectrum, Functional training can help you with sports training and athletic movements. For example, mimicking movements performed in sports such as football, rugby, martial arts and many more. Training these movements in the gym using functional training will help you perform them better when you need to, be it in competition, training sessions or in that important match.

What can DW offer you?
DW Health Club now has the facilities for you to start your functional training right away! Train with our extensive range of kettlebell weights, medicine balls and plenty of open mat space to get the best out of your functional training routine.

If you don't know where to start, or what workouts you should be doing, then why not take advantage of our in house Personal Trainers, they offer a free one-off training session for all DW members and will be able to show you your new functional training area and how to make the most of it.